About your investment

What are the risks on my investment?

All investments carry risks, but the Directors consider that investment in HKD Energy is lower risk than many forms of investment because it will benefit from the government-guaranteed, inflation-linked Feed In Tariff over the 20 years of the project. More details on potential risks will be in future Share Offers.

Are there any tax breaks?

HKD Energy’s first Share Offer qualified for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) tax relief. This was aimed particularly at helping small, early-stage companies. SEIS and EIS tax reliefs have now been replaced by a new investment tax relief. More details will be available in future Share Offers.

Is the dividend income tax free? 

No, if you are a UK taxpayer you will need to declare and pay incomes taxes on the annual dividend payments. Your capital will be returned by the end of the project (or earlier) and will incur no capital gains tax.

What if the investor dies within the 20 years of the project?

On receiving a satisfactory proof of death of an investor, HKD Energy will either repay the current value of the capital invested to the Executor (as and when funds are available) or can transfer the investment to an individual nominated by the investor.

Is there a minimum age for investors?

You must be over 18 to invest.

How much, and how little, can I invest?

Future Share Offers will specify a minimum and maximum investment.

About the Downlands project

How will the school benefit?

We expect the solar panels will supply at least 25% of the school’s electricity needs. Indeed, all the electricity generated on weekdays during term-time will be used by the school. The school will benefit from this very low cost electricity, freeing up their budget for other needs. In some years there will be more electricity generated than we project (2014 for example was an above average year) and when that generates surplus funds we will donate them to the school for energy efficiency and educational purposes.

What happens if the solar panels are damaged from footballs, hailstorms etc?

The panels are quite robust, and not easily damaged, but they will be fully insured in case anything like that happens.

What if the roofs need to be repaired during the 20 years of the project?

Our business plan includes the costs of removing panels temporarily to allow roof repairs to take place.

For more information about community shares and how they work see http://communityshares.org.uk/find-out-more/guidance-supporters