About Us

Our vision

HKD Energy aims to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and imported energy through community-owned renewable energy. We want our villages to become more energy efficient and to generate most of the electricity we need from renewable sources.

HKD Energy has been formed by members of the HKD Transition group, which has been active in our area since 2008. For more information see www.hkdtransition.org.uk.

Community-owned renewable energy

Community-owned renewable energy projects provide financial returns to investors, as well as ‘social dividends’ to the community, including:

  • Increased energy security
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change
  • Contribution to de-carbonising the national power sector
  • Demonstration of the value of renewable energy projects
  • Raised awareness of energy issues.

Our opportunity

HKD Transition’s Energy in Hassocks report in 2014 highlights our opportunity to generate significant amounts of our annual electricity needs locally. At least a third of current annual electricity demand could be generated from solar panels on local homes and public buildings.

The number of sunshine hours in our area is among the highest in the UK: 4.43 hours a day on average through the year (not far short of sunny California’s 5 hours a day).  Solar PV panels generate electricity from sunlight, even when skies are overcast. The technology is well-developed and readily available.

HKD Energy Ltd: a Community Benefit Society

HKD Energy is a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  A Community Benefit Society provides an opportunity for local people to contribute financially to the community with the expectation of both a social dividend and a financial return.

Directors of HKD Energy Ltd

Certified Rules of HKD Energy Limited (pdf)

Investing in Community Shares (pdf).  This guide explains what community shares are, and will help inform your decision on whether you should invest in a community share offer.  It focuses exclusively on organisations that are registered with the Financial Services Authority as co-operatives or community benefit societies, which are subject to different legislation from companies, and have their own unique form of shares.  See: http://communityshares.org.uk/resources

Annual Reports