How to invest

Now there’s a great opportunity for local people to come together and make community energy happen in our villages.

Community energy projects work like this: Individuals and organisations can invest money and become full voting members. The capital is invested in local renewable energy projects, which generate electricity. All electricity generated by these projects receives a ‘feed in tariff’ (FIT), index-linked and guaranteed by the government for 20 years. The FIT income enables community shareholders to receive an annual dividend after the second year.

All investments carry some risks, although it is our opinion that solar electricity, supported by the government’s Feed in Tariff, is a low risk investment.  The technology is tried and tested and, having no moving parts, very reliable. The Share Offer and related documents will describe potential risks and mitigating steps.  Investors should note that an investment in a Community Benefit Society is outside the protection of the government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

HKD Energy’s first share Offer was launched on 8 November 2014 at an event at Downlands School. You can read more about the Downlands School project and how works in the Share Offer.  More details are in the Business Plan.

Investing in Community Shares (pdf).  This guide explains what community shares are, and will help inform your decision on whether you should invest in a community share offer.  It focuses exclusively on organisations that are registered with the Financial Services Authority as co-operatives or community benefit societies, which are subject to different legislation from companies, and have their own unique form of shares. 

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