The Board of Directors of HKD Energy Ltd currently has four members with a sound combination of skills and experience.

John Willis-90A

John Willis (Secretary) is retired after more than 40 years as a mechanical engineer in the power industry in UK and Australia. Most recently he was project engineering manager for several large power plants including combined power and desalination plants in the Middle East. He is a Chartered Engineer (Australia) and Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  John has lived in Hassocks and more recently Ditchling for over 40 years.

Juliet Merrifield

Juliet Merrifield (Co-Chair) is retired after 35 years’ experience as an adult educator and researcher, and director of non-profit organisations in the UK and USA. She has served on the boards of a number of charities and other non-profit organisations.

Bec Hanley (Co-Chair) works with a range of charities, the NHS and research organisations (both in this country and in Australia) to promote the involvement of people who use services in health care and health research. She has lived in Sussex for over 30 years.

Nick Owens (Treasurer) is a Chartered Accountant who has maintained our books and delivered the statutory tax and financial accounts of HKD since 2015. He has recently retired from a career of fundraising for, and sometimes implementing, NHS IT systems. His passion is to drive the delivery of truly zero carbon homes, both new and retrofitted (a bigger challenge). He is a Parish Councillor in Hassocks and also chairs the parish council’s Planning Committee, and assists in Neighbourhood Plan formation.